Our Story

I’m Sweet Mary Brown.

I grew up in the Bronx, where hip-hop was born and Yankee legends were made. This is also the home of New York City's largest park, along with a zoo and a botanical garden.

The Bronx is more than just a geographical location to me. It is an integral part of my identity, a significant character that shapes my narrative, and a place I proudly call home. But my borough does not come without heartache. Like countless families, the impact of the devastating war on drugs left a profound mark on my own.

The detrimental effects of the US drug policy, particularly concerning the healing plant, are undeniable. It has resulted in unjust incarcerations, contributed to the persistence of racial inequality, and inflicted immense harm on black and brown communities.

Our product, Sweet Mary Brown, offers a unique solution to the lack of representation within the herbal industry. We specialize in crafting premium home accessories with a primary focus on exquisitely designed accent trays. These trays not only serve a practical purpose but also elevate the aesthetic of any environment they're placed in, creating elegance in every detail.

Our impact goes beyond aesthetics. Our core mission revolves around empowering marginalized communities. Through our products, we blend the worlds of art and design within the herbal industry. A significant aspect of our approach involves collaborating closely with talented Black and Brown artists. Their expertise allows them to skillfully capture the essence of our culture and authentically represent the identity of our community.

By partnering with these artists, we're not only offering innovative and beautiful accessories, but we're also actively addressing the underrepresentation issue. We believe in the power of design to bridge gaps and give a voice to those who have been marginalized.

Sweet Mary Brown is more than just a brand; it's a movement that strives to bring about positive change within the industry and society.

Together, through our collective efforts, we have the power to amplify our voices, foster healing, and reclaim what has long been used to suppress us.

We are strong, resilient, worthy, unapologetic, brown, and fine.

With grace,

I am Sweet Mary Brown.

Sweet Mary Brown x Kailai Studio